SAL Scientific provides cell biology services and solutions to organisations that use mammalian cells in their drug discovery workflows.

By harnessing our expertise, infrastructure and innovative cell culture products, our clients achieve cost-effective increases in productivity with the potential to run additional projects in a given time-frame.

Our cell culture services include:

Our animal-free cell culture supplements include:


27th April 2018

SAL Scientific cuts ribbon on new headquarters in Hampshire...
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5th January 2018

SAL Scientific to showcase their cell biology products and services at the 28th Annual ESACT-UK meeting in Leeds...
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20th September 2017

SAL Scientific will be at the ELRIG Drug Discovery Conference in Liverpool...
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7th July 2017

SAL Scientific make their Insti animal free cell culture supplements available in North America...
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3rd October 2016

SAL Scientific attending the 3rd Annual BioProNet meeting in Nottingham...
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26th September 2016

SAL Scientific will be at the ELRIG Drug Discovery Conference in Liverpool on 13th & 14th October 2016...
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30th August 2016

SAL Scientific will be attending the annual Basel Life Sciences Week and Miptec exhibition in Basel on 19th to 23rd September 2016...
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16th June 2016

SAL Scientific will be attending “Overcoming Cellular Barriers – Implications for Industrial Biotechnology” in Birmingham on 6th and 7th July 2016...
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