About SAL Scientific

About SAL Scientific

Accelerating cell biology workflows to maximise your R&D productivity.

SAL Scientific is a private company headquartered in Hampshire, UK providing cell biology services and solutions to organisations that use mammalian cells in their research and drug discovery workflows. By harnessing our expertise, infrastructure and cell culture products, clients achieve cost-effective increases in productivity, minimising overheads and freeing up personnel, equipment and lab space for other tasks.


Our team of cell biologists is highly experienced in developing a range of cell lines and cell-based assays, together with associated screening technologies. We have extensive experience in bulk cell production, cell line development, and the production of monoclonal antibodies.


SAL Scientific’s state-of-the-art laboratories are set in a rural location at the edge of the New Forest National Park and within easy reach of the cities of Salisbury, Bournemouth and Southampton, as well as Southampton International Airport and national motorway and rail networks. Our labs are dedicated to the day-to-day production of cells and antibodies and include a large capacity class 2 cell culture facility, advanced bioimaging suite and biochemistry lab.

Quality and Service

We serve Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies and Research Institutions across Europe and our animal-free cell culture supplements are used by customers worldwide. We are certified as meeting the internationally recongnised standard for quality management systems (ISO9001:2015). Our QC processes – underpinned by our core values – ensure that cells are produced to the very highest quality, and our account managers work with you throughout the process to ensure your cells and products are delivered to your lab on time and “ready to go”.