Our Values

Our success is based entirely on customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to establishing and building collaborative relationships with our clients and work to a set of principles and values that we consider critical to the development and maintenance of strong customer relationships. These values define our business culture and are broadly defined as Integrity, Service, and Delivery.


We are committed to dealing honestly and fairly with our customers, suppliers and competitors. We recognise that clients are often disclosing sensitive and confidential materials and information. Consequently, we treat client information and communications in the strictest of confidence and our systems and processes are designed to ensure clients can have complete confidence in the security of their assets and data whilst in our hands. Furthermore, we will set up appropriate disclosure and materials transfer arrangements prior to detailed discussions on customer requirements. We take all necessary steps to separate contract activities and ensure that no projects that might cause conflicts of interest are undertaken.


Our client relationships are built upon clear, open and timely communication. From first contact through to delivery of project output we aim to ensure that both parties are clear as to project structure, timelines and deliverables. We use simple proformas and templates to gather necessary information on project scope and provide updates and reports at regular intervals to ensure that clients are kept fully informed of progress. We understand the complex nature of provision of these services and will work with our clients in a responsive and flexible manner should their priorities change over time.


Building on the foundations of trust, communication, excellent service and access to expertise that we aim to provide, we will take all steps to ensure that we can meet the delivery expectations of our clients. We aim to deliver within realistic but challenging timelines. Material project outputs will use appropriate specialist shipping and material transfer arrangements to ensure product integrity is absolutely maintained.