SAL Scientific is a private company headquartered in Hampshire, UK. Building on many years experience developing cell based assays, detection technologies and associated software we provide a comprehensive range of integrated services to the drug discovery and diagnostic industries.

SAL Scientific HQ - Atrium

Our core capabilities encompass all aspects of cell culture and the development of cell-based assays. We are also highly proficient in the development of detection and analysis technologies and in their integration with cell-based assays. This combination gives us a uniquely powerful perspective on the successful exploitation of cell-based systems in modern drug discovery and diagnostic workflows. Furthermore, we have expertise in the automation of these workflows. Our service offering encompasses cell culture, cell line development, assay development and monoclonal antibody production.

We deliver outstanding service to our clients through the use of robust business operating systems underpinned by our core values. By utilising our services, our clients are able to build upon their internal capabilities and infrastructure without adding to their fixed overhead costs.

SAL Scientific are also committed to harnessing our product development expertise in partnership with industrial or academic collaborators to take innovations in the cell biology field to market. We aim to identify technologies and solutions with the potential to deliver significant efficiencies to cell-based workflows.