SAL Scientific and Solentim announce partnership for novel growth supplements in cell line development

Solentim, the global leader in cell line development (CLD) imaging instrumentation, and SAL Scientific, a leading provider of growth enhancing animal-free cell culture reagents, are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership. The collaboration will further optimise CLD workflow by supplying novel supplements which substantially improve cell growth. Solentim will act as the exclusive distributor for the SAL Scientific ‘Insti’ product range.

Cells grown in chemically defined, animal component-free media can be susceptible to impaired growth and viability, especially when subjected to stress. The SAL ‘Insti’ range of cell culture media supplements are proven to show improved cell growth, colony formation and cloning efficiency. These supplements are suitable for both CHO and HEK cells.

Dr Ian Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer of Solentim, commented, “We’re delighted to partner with SAL Scientific and to become its global channel to market. In cell line development, the viability and recovery from single cell cloning and subsequent outgrowth is widely accepted as an area where significant improvements can be made.” Dr Taylor added, “Using the gentle, high efficiency seeding of our VIPS™ single cell cloning system in combination with the SAL InstiGRO™ supplements will ensure a much higher number of wells in the cloning plates successfully produce colonies. The inherent value of this is huge as it means potential ‘gold nugget’ clones stand a much better chance of surviving and being picked.”

Dr Steve Game, Founding Director at SAL Scientific, added, “The partnership with Solentim will enable our products to reach a wider customer base and combine two powerful innovations. We are excited to work with Solentim as we scale up production and we look forward to using our expertise in cell culture reagent development to further the partnership.”


Notes to editors

About Solentim
Solentim is the global leader in enabling accelerated cell line development for new biologic drugs through its proprietary intelligent automation. Solentim’s portfolio of products (VIPS™, Cell Metric® and Cell Metric® CLD) enables customers to establish a simple to use and completely integrated workflow, revolutionising single cell cloning and providing documented daily whole well image assurance of monoclonality for FDA and other regulatory bodies. Solentim works with most of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies and has a customer installed base of several hundred instruments. It also has established strategic partnerships with ATUM and Valitacell. In 2018, Solentim was the recipient of two highly prestigious Queen’s Awards and named in the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50. Visit for more information.

About SAL Scientific
SAL Scientific, based in Fordingbridge UK, is a developer of innovative mammalian cell biology reagents for research and drug discovery workflows. Our Insti’ range of animal component-free, easy to use cell culture supplements (InstiGRO™, InstiSHAKE™, and InstiTHAW™) are designed to accelerate and increase productivity in the development of commercially important cell lines used in biopharmaceutical production. Visit for more information.