SAL Scientific launch InstiGRO CHOPLUS: A new animal-free media supplement for CHO cell line development.

SAL Scientific are excited to announce a new addition to our range of cell culture media supplements. InstiGRO CHO PLUS works particularly well with CHO-K1 cells, complementing our existing InstiGRO CHO supplement, and allowing us to deliver workflow improvements to a broader range of customers. As with all our InstiGRO products, InstiGRO CHO PLUS is animal component-free and supplied as a convenient, ready-to use 20x stock solution. Just add to media to achieve improved cloning efficiency in limited dilution cloning, in semi-solid media, and in automated seeding workflows.

Commenting on the launch, SAL Scientific co-founder Dr Steve Game observed that: “InstiGRO CHO PLUS represents a valuable addition to the cloning toolbox we offer our customers. It complements our existing InstiGRO CHO supplement and extends the coverage of cell line and media combinations with which our customers can achieve enhanced cell growth and viability, increased cloning efficiency and a higher probability of isolating highly productive clones – particularly customers using CHO-K1 cells and their derivatives”.