SAL Scientific make their Insti animal free cell culture supplements available in North America

SAL Scientific make their Insti animal free cell culture supplements available in North America

Building on strong uptake in European markets, SAL Scientific have now made their Insti range of innovative animal-free cell culture supplements available to ship to customers in the United States and Canada.

Cells grown in defined, animal-free media can be susceptible to impaired growth and viability, especially when subjected to stress. This is particularly relevant when screening biopharmaceutical producer cell lines, where high producers are likely to more sensitive to media conditions than non producers. Building on

extensive expertise in growing cells under defined conditions, SAL Scientific developed the InstiGRO™ and InstiTHAW™ range of media supplements that dramatically improve the growth and viability of cells subjected to stress, and the InstiSHAKE™ range of supplements that deliver substantial enhancements in the growth kinetics of cells in routine culture. Supplements in each category are available for CHO and HEK cells. SAL Scientific co-founder Dr Steve Game observed that: “These products represent a simple and cost-effective way by which our customers can achieve cell growth to high densities, increased cloning efficiency and a higher probability of isolating highly productive clones. Making these products available to our North American customers represents an important milestone for the business”.

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