Cell Culture Services

We have state-of-the-art tissue culture facilities and extensive expertise in the use of a range of standard and advanced cell culture techniques and technologies, coupled with experience in the culture of most of the cell lines used in modern cell biology (see table).

We offer the following cell culture services:

  • The development and cloning of stable cell lines
  • The development of cell line specific growth media
  • Large scale cell production and cryopreservation for adherent and suspension cells
  • Medium/large scale culture of cell lines for protein production

Bulk cryopreserved cell production

A key development in cell based screening has been the adoption of "ready to go" frozen cells prepared in single bulk batches in sufficient quantities for complete screening campaigns. This approach has two key benefits: screening can take place without the need for ongoing parallel cell culture and all cells used in a screen are consistent with respect to passage number, senescence, differentiation state and viability. This has led to improvements in the consistency of screen performance and has substantially streamlined cell based screening workflows.

We can expand and prepare bulk cryopreserved cells in batches of up to 1010 cells. Depending on your specific requirements, our cell production service includes:

  • Establishing your exact requirements and preparing a project plan
  • Taking delivery of a sample of your cells (a flask of live cells or a vial of cryopreserved cells)
  • Recovery of cells in culture
  • Large scale expansion
  • Cryopreservation using controlled rate freezing
  • QC testing: e.g. mycoplasma, viral contamination and viability
  • Validation of cell line performance using a functional assay
  • Shipping of bulk batch using specialist shippers
  • Provision of a project report detailing cell growth kinetics and QC testing

Please contact us for pricing and to discuss your specific cell production requirements.

Stable cell line development

We offer a comprehensive service to develop cell lines stably-expressing your protein(s) of interest in your preferred host cell line. Depending on your specific requirements, our service will include any or all of the following:

  • Establishing your exact requirements and preparing a project plan
  • Transfect host cells with your DNA construct
  • Grow under selection pressure to establish stable pool
  • Clone using limiting dilution or other clone selection techniques
  • Expand and culture the cells through at least 30 population doublings to ensure stability of expression.
  • Verify stability of expression using appropriate functional assays

We can also optimise existing cell lines by:

  • Re-cloning to optimise expression levels
  • Optimisation of growth conditions
  • Scale-up culture for cell production

Please contact us for pricing and to discuss your specific cell line development requirements.

Cell culture media development and manufacture

We have expertise in the development of optimised cell culture media for a range of commercially important cell lines: including stem cells and cells used for protein production. While there are many types and variants of culture media available commercially today, optimised media can significantly improve cell line performance. For example, in biotherapeutic workflows the yield of secreted protein production can be increased thus reducing the cost of production.

We can develop improved media formulations optimised for your chosen cells.

Please contact us for pricing and to discuss your specific media development requirements.