Cell-line and cell-based assay development

We offer a complete end-to-end cell line and assay-development service.

Clonal cell line construction, assay integration, optimisation & validation

  • Construction of recombinant clonal cell lines expressing a target of interest including:
    • plasmid preparation & transfection / transduction
    • antibiotic kill-curves
    • antibiotic selection and cloning
    • screening, clone selection and clone expansion
  • Development and optimisation of cell-based assays including:
    • integrating cell lines into assays involving fluorescence imaging and/or fluorescent/ bioluminescent plate-readers
    • re-cloning to optimise expression levels
    • continuous culture and assay-ready formats
  • All cell lines are tested for sterility, cell growth, viability, and the absence of mycoplasma prior to shipping.
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